• The Mary Poppins of Teacher bags


I love my Teacher Carry All Bag! So much so that I'm currently considering buying my third. I have one for work use and was lucky enough to get one of the limited edition Harry Potter print ones for personal use. I love it because no matter how much I put in it I can still comfortably wear it cross body and have my hands free. I also highly recommend the water resistant fabric!!! I have literally spilt a large coffee directly onto my zipped up bag and my laptop, teacher diary and a whole bunch of papers I had taken home to grade lived to tell the tale. Not a drop of coffee in sight! I also love knowing that while I get to enjoy a fantastic product I am also helping a hard-working single mum 😊


I recently bought my second bag - this time the large in polka dots! 😍 Just love the fabric and that it is so well made. I have shown my friends and they love it too. My husband was amazed at how good the price was. If you are a teacher, you must buy one, or two or three! 😉


I’m the teacher who used to pull a trolley filled to the brim. I’d scratch my car lifting it in to the boot! After a year off work, due to cancer, I decided on my return to work I would not bring so much home. 
I came across Teacher Carry All and treated myself to the bag in January. If it didn’t fit in the bag I wasn’t bringing it home! I decided to use it for a term till I wrote a review.
It’s the best thing ever! It holds everything I need it to , plus a bit more 🤭 (old habits die hard) but it stops me lugging stuff for no reason. It’s strong,it looks great. I love it.
Now I want another!!