Design and creativity is part of who I am. Even back in college my sister and I made our own jewellery, handbags and accessories. We sold them locally for 12 years as a hobby quietly dreaming of creating our own ‘empire’.

We grew, started careers and families, and our much-loved creative outlet petered out. My time was consumed helping my husband run his business,
being a wife, and then a mum. The spark of creativity inside me became so small I could scarcely feel it.

Out of the paid workforce and pregnant with my second daughter, the spark flared. I welcomed the feeling of fabric in my hands again and the happiness of accessing a part of myself I had put to one side for too long. I once again designed and made handbags as a hobby.

Change creates its own momentum and as the stars in mine and my husband’s universe moved in different directions, we separated and I decided to re-evaluate my goals for the future.

I moved across Tasmania with my two little girls, back to my family. Three generations of women then came together again, sharing ideas of style and
what made the perfect handbag; we worked together designing and creating. We became locally known for our high quality bags and accessories.

After years of working in education administration seeing Teachers haul ridiculous amounts of bags into work and then my younger sister (a teacher of 9 years) continually saying she wished there was a bag created especially for teachers, I decided now was the time to make her one. The Teacher Carry All bag so many people know and love today was born!

Today. From hobby and creative outlet, to side-hustle, to a sustainable business, I’m proud and constantly amazed by how Teacher Carry All has grown.

Did you know I sell my bags all around Australia, USA, and Ireland. I love being able to help teachers, business women, students and now even offer satchel designs for men.

My 5 year old told me she wants to “be a teacher AND design bags” when she grows up - maybe designing and making bags won’t be her thing, and that’s ok. One thing I know, and I’m so proud of, is that each day I show my girls what you can achieve when you choose to be happy.