Fabric Options

Can't decide which fabric to choose for your Teacher Carry All Bag?

Here is the low down on our fabrics:

All our fabrics are pre-washed before construction.

We use a family owned and operated fabric supplier who we have known and ordered from for many years and are 100% happy with the quality fabrics they supply us for our products.

Water Resistant Nylon

As the name suggests it is water resistant

The fabric is nylon similar to what is used for rain coats, however ours is of very high quality and is soft to the touch

Water resistant nylon bags have a two tone finish to the fabric which can be seen up close and gives the bags their vibrant colours

If you are prone to dropping your bag where it lands and are not really concerned with washing it more than once a year then this is the fabric for you!

99% of spills or marks can be wiped away with a non chemical baby wipe, antiseptic wipe or warm soapy cloth.

Cotton Canvas 

The cotton canvas used for our bags is very high quality 12 or 14oz. The finish is a soft feel with a dense woven thread.

We recommend that all cotton canvas bags and accessories are sprayed with a fabric protector like scotch guard or similar to protect your bag.  Without using fabric protector the bags will last approximately 12 months with normal use before needing to be washed, however this will vary per owner.  With the use of fabric protector the need for washing will be considerably delayed to approximately 18-24 months. 

The cotton canvas is a very stylish option with a classic handbag look.