Are you an educational superhero?

(Yes you are, you terrific teacher you.)

Make organisation your superpower with the Ultimate Organiser.

For meetings, carrying extras to class, or quick easy access to your phone, lip balm, or favourite red pen: experience the organisational bliss of 8 external pockets, 2 pen or texta holders, 9 internal pockets and 1 main internal compartment large enough to fit a 14” laptop/tablet.

Made with soft, strong felt, the Ultimate Organiser’s superpowers are functionality, style, and affordability. Utility belts might be handy, but they’re so ‘undies on the outside’. The Ultimate Organiser is chic, easy-carry, and multi-pocketed.

Use it on its own, slide it easily into your Teacher Carry All, or carry the little things and the big by teaming it up with The Incredible Tote.

The Ultimate Organiser becomes a high-functioning removable insert for its big and beautiful A3 sized partner, The Incredible Tote.

The Ultimate Organiser is available in 6 super colours: Stonehenge grey, Glorious Grape, proud pink, terrific teal, basic black, and ultramarine.



The Ultimate Organiser is made of incredibly strong, soft felt

Colour: Proud Pink (Hot Pink)

Press stud closure on main compartment

2 external pen or texta holders

8 External Pockets:

4 pockets 12cm x 9cm

4 pockets 12cm x 9cm x 1.5cm

9 Internal Pockets:

7 internal pockets 12cm x 9cm

1 internal pocket 7cm x 9cm

1 internal pocket 4.5cm x 9cm


Height 30cm

Width 32cm

Depth 12cm

Wrap It Up

The Ultimate Organiser is the ultimate gift for the superwoman in your life. To experience uber organisation with room to carry A3 documents, team it up with The Incredible Tote. (Coming soon)

Make a note in your message to seller box if your purchase is for a gift.

Where would Pinky be without The Brain? Where would Professor X be without the muscular might of Wolverine? Each are super in their own right, but as they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

If the Ultimate Organiser is the ‘brains’ of the organisational operation, The Incredible Tote is the ‘brawn’.  With just 2 internal pockets for essentials, The Incredible Tote is big enough for A3 size documents, large water bottles, energy-packed lunchboxes, and the Ultimate Organiser of course. It’s incredibly tough, it’s big on stylish looks, light on price, and it’s available now.

 ***All stationery items shown in the photos fit within the pockets of the organiser - there is a spot for SO many things! 

***Accessories shown are not included with the purchase

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